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Criminal Lawyer in Spain

Criminal Lawyers. XXV Years of Professional Experience.


The best criminal lawyers in Madrid and Europe. Defense attorneys and private prosecution for all types of crimes. An honorary degree granted by the Madrid Bar Association to its holder, Mrs. Nuria Granda Moreno.

Fully personalized attention

We offer our clients a plus. We serve you in your language: English, Italian, French and Spanish. If you have a problem with the law and want to obtain the best result, contact us.

Our specialty is Criminal Law. We only dedicate ourselves to this branch of law. Possibly the best criminal law firm in Madrid.

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From Granda y Asociados we work daily under the premises of professionalism and absolute dedication with each of the clients that we represent.


We are a firm framed in the criminal branch of the law, being some referents of the sector at national and international level.


Differentiating the treatment to the client, we will always go hand in hand with you, with a close treatment and keeping you informed at all times of the state of your procedure. roceso penal de lo mejor para su defensa.

Criminal Lawyers specialized in crimes of:


Sexual Abuse

We are experts. The first few hours after the crime was reported, are decisive for both the defense and the private accusation. Art. 181 et seq.
Granda y asociados

Crime Against Public Health

Possession of marijuana or hashish or any other narcotic substance, not to exceed a certain amount. They are typified in articles 359 and following of the Penal Code.
granda y asociados abogados penalistas

International Penalty

Defense of Italian and English citizens detained in Spain and Spaniards detained in Italy and the United Kingdom. Processed in our country and serving sentence. Our lawyers speak English and Italian which facilitates communication with our clients and their families.
granda y asociados abogados penalistas

Capital Blanking

Articles 298 et seq. Of the Penal Code. We have legally and criminally advised an accused of CASE POLVERINO.

We have a team of senior criminal lawyers in Spain, with more than 20 years of experience, a network of associated criminal law firms, criminal and penitentiary specialists, dedicated mainly to defense, in different Spanish provinces and European cities.

The customer service is exclusive, personalized, as well as the case study and the defense of the same.

The experience, the dedication, the satisfaction of our clients and the result obtained is what distinguishes our office.

What do clients think of our work?

I am from Ireland. Nuria is a fast working, efficient and professional solicitor. She was straight onto my case once she had all the details the she requested. I have no problem in recommending her to anyone who is looking for legal representation in Madrid.

Excellent person and a very good lawyer, I recommend her.

I contacted them when I needed it most and they helped me, with a quick and professional response, very close and efficient, I am very satisfied with the service, I would definitely contact them again, thank you for everything.

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Calle Edgar Neville 1, 2º izq
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España - Tres Cantos

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28760 Tres Cantos (Madrid) – España
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Via Francesco Cilea, 2 Traversa n9, 89013 Gioia Tauro, Reggio Calabria – Italia

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Contrada Cicerna, n. 13, 89013 

Gioia Tauro – Italia

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Via Dacia 30, 1s 
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