If you have come or are in Spain and have been involved in a situation that required legal-criminal legal advice, it is very likely that you have asked yourself: “a criminal lawyer in Spain, how much does it cost?”

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The Fees of the Lawyers in Spain are free. Every law firm has its prices. There are some Honorary Criteria of the Madrid Bar Association, but they are only non-compulsory counselors for the Lawyers. This means that the fees of each lawyer may be different.

As the lawyer’s fees are free, they depend on the valuation that each one of their work does, depending on their professional experience, their infrastructure and the services rendered to the client.


The fees of our law firm are selective as well as our specialized legal services. The client’s treatment is exclusive as well as the study of his case and the defense of it. The experience and the attention received is what distinguishes our firm, as well as the result obtained.

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