What is divorce by mutual agreement?

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If a couple realize that they have differences and do not seem to have a solution, they can make the decision that the most beneficial thing is to definitively end their relationship, we recommend that you go to a law firm specialized in this class of cases.

In the event that the two partners agree on both the decision to terminate the relationship and the decisions they will make, it will be a mutually agreeable divorce, faster and less costly than contentious divorces, Thanks to the fact that there are no disagreements between the couple.

The two members of the couple must make decisions and get agreement on various issues, such as those related to the future of their offspring, custody and custody, and for the parent who does not obtain custody, make clear the visits And the pension for food.

It will also have to liquidate the matrimonial economic regime and make a distribution of the common goods in the most appropriate way. If there are no quarrels between the couple, it will be a process of rapid resolution, although the decisions are transcendent.

The issues agreed upon in this type of divorce will be reflected in the regulatory agreement, which will stipulate the rules on which the next phase of the relationship between the spouses and their minor children will be based after the divorce. If you comply, there will be no problem later.

The regulatory agreement will be presented together with the corresponding divorce petition before a judge and after verifying the will of both members of the couple, will proceed to ratification.

If you want to know more precise information about divorce by mutual agreement, contact with our lawyers in Madrid and request an appointment, we are here to advise you.

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