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From our law firm of criminal lawyers in Madrid we defend those crimes considered of minor character as the crime of threats through Whatsapp.

Whatsapp is a text messaging application whose usage has spread among the population for a few years. With the use of new technologies, new avenues are open to commit crimes such as, in this case, threats. The fact of threatening through an electronic means does not mean that it is not equally punishable by law. That is why anyone who considers himself threatened through this means can put in place the legal machinery to defend those rights that he believes have been violated.

The crime of threats through Whatsapp is considered a minor crime according to the Penal Code, specifically in article 171.1 of recent wording. This consideration applies to all those cases except in specific cases of gender violence, threat of dissemination of private data in exchange for any amount, etc. Except in these specified cases, it is necessary that the aggrieved person take the corresponding complaint.

The penalties for these types of crimes range from one month to three months of sentencing. In more serious cases in which we would already talk about other measures such as locating the convicted, moving away from the victim, etc.

Even in a small offense, in many cases it is important to have a legal representation formed by legal experts in criminal offenses that guarantees the defense of the client’s rights, whether this is part of the defense or the accusation.

In Granda Criminal law firm we are familiar with this type of crimes from the point of view of the defense as well as of the prosecution so if you have any doubts about it you can contact us for specialized legal advice.

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