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Whatsapp threats crime in Madrid

From our law firm of criminal lawyers in Madrid we defend those crimes considered of minor character as the crime of threats through Whatsapp. Whatsapp is a text messaging application whose usage has spread among the population for a few years. With the use of new technologies, new avenues are open to commit crimes such

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Theft crime in Madrid

Our Madrid lawyers’ law firm will assist you in defending your interests against theft. According to the Penal Code it is considered theft when a person, for profit, seizes some tangible object without the will of the owner of the property. The crime of theft is considered an offense against the patrimony and socioeconomic order

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Granda, criminal law firm in Madrid

Granda is a criminal law firm based in Madrid specializing in Criminal Law. Criminal Law is a branch of law that covers different areas and therefore it is important to have a team of experts in each of them who complement each other. We are dedicated to both the defense and the private accusation against

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