Abogado amenazas Whatsapp

Whatsapp threats crime in Madrid

From our law firm of criminal lawyers in Madrid we defend those crimes considered of minor character as the crime of threats through Whatsapp.

Whatsapp is a text messaging application whose usage has spread among the population for a few years. With the use of new technologies, new avenues are open to commit crimes such as, in this case, threats. The fact of threatening through an electronic means does not mean that it is not equally punishable by law. That is why anyone who considers himself threatened through this means can put in place the legal machinery to defend those rights that he believes have been violated.

The crime of threats through Whatsapp is considered a minor crime according to the Penal Code, specifically in article 171.1 of recent wording. This consideration applies to all those cases except in specific cases of gender violence, threat of dissemination of private data in exchange for any amount, etc. Except in these specified cases, it is necessary that the aggrieved person take the corresponding complaint.

The penalties for these types of crimes range from one month to three months of sentencing. In more serious cases in which we would already talk about other measures such as locating the convicted, moving away from the victim, etc.

Even in a small offense, in many cases it is important to have a legal representation formed by legal experts in criminal offenses that guarantees the defense of the client’s rights, whether this is part of the defense or the accusation.

In Granda Criminal law firm we are familiar with this type of crimes from the point of view of the defense as well as of the prosecution so if you have any doubts about it you can contact us for specialized legal advice.

Abogado de hurtos en Madrid

Theft crime in Madrid

Our Madrid lawyers’ law firm will assist you in defending your interests against theft.

According to the Penal Code it is considered theft when a person, for profit, seizes some tangible object without the will of the owner of the property.

The crime of theft is considered an offense against the patrimony and socioeconomic order and carries a prison sentence that can be between six and eighteen months, provided that the amount of appropriation exceeds 400 euros.

In cases in which the amount is lower a fine of between 1 and 3 months would be established. It should be added that penalties will be imposed in its upper half if any alarm and / or security device has been disabled in order to carry out the theft.

The recent reform of the Penal Code has meant that there are some changes with respect to the previous regulation. Specific:

The lack of theft disappears, being considered now a slight crime of theft. This implies that the criminal record will now be registered when it is a crime.

In addition, the assumptions by which this crime becomes aggravated have increased from 5 to 9. This way, the theft of pipelines, wiring, hydrocarbons or telecommunications infrastructures, as well as agricultural or livestock products are included as a novelty.

In the same way it will be considered aggravating to use children under 16 years to commit the theft or be recidivist, that is, have already been convicted 3 times for the same type of crime.

It should be noted that if one is condemned with any of these aggravating factors the penalty is considerably extended, and may be the sentence of one to three years in prison.

In Granda Criminal Lawyers of Madrid we are specialized in this type of crimes so if you want an effective defense or we act as a particular prosecution you can contact us to advise you throughout the legal process.

Abogados Derecho Penal Madrid - Abuso Sexual

Crime of sexual abuse in Madrid

Granda Criminal Lawyers in Madrid specializes in both the defense and prosecution of cases of sexual abuse.

The Organic Law 10/1995, of November 23, of the Criminal Code defines what is considered as sexual abuse and is none other than that act that violates the sexual freedom of a person without violence or intimidation (in which case We would speak of sexual assault) and without consent.

It is also considered sexual abuse without consent those that occur on persons deprived of sense, or victims of a mental disorder. Also in those cases in which the will of the victim has been annulled through the use of any type of drug or substance.

The penalties contemplated for this type of crime range from one to three years in prison or a fine of 18 to 24 months.

The first hours after the denunciation for this crime are fundamental for the defense and the private accusation. For example, it is possible that the penalty, if the crime has been recognized, is reduced by a third, if this recognition is made during the first judicial declaration.

In the event that the Judge decides provisional imprisonment, our main objective will be to obtain the provisional liberty as soon as possible.

From our law firm we will give you all the assistance necessary to defend your rights against a crime of sexual abuse.

We also take care, if necessary, of Assistance to the Detained, either in police or judicial units. If it is an urgent case, you can contact us through our mobile 609096503 requesting the assistance of a specialized lawyer.

In the face of such serious crimes as sexual abuse, rely on experienced criminal lawyers to take your case.

Granda Abogados Penalistas Madrid

Granda, criminal law firm in Madrid

Granda is a criminal law firm based in Madrid specializing in Criminal Law.

Criminal Law is a branch of law that covers different areas and therefore it is important to have a team of experts in each of them who complement each other.

We are dedicated to both the defense and the private accusation against all kinds of crimes. We provide specialized legal services such as the defense of all types of crimes. Crimes such as: scam, gender violence, threats, drug trafficking, rape, assault and sexual abuse, injuries, theft, medical negligence, money laundering, among others.

We are also specialized in the defense of new crimes: Threats through Whatsapp or Facebook.

From our firm we also assisted the detained in the police station and courthouse.

From Granda Criminal Lawyers we provide the most extensive experience in the defense of our clients to criminal offenses and faults.

Each of the lawyers that are part of our firm specializes in specific areas, given their professional background and experience. Whenever necessary, depending on the nature of the crime, we work together to provide our multidisciplinary experience.

In addition to our team of lawyers we have professionals from other sectors necessary according to which processes in which expert reports are required: attorneys, medical specialists, traumatologists, sworn translators…

In conjunction we form a solid and experienced team that, working together, will defend their rights with maximum effectiveness before any judicial instance.

Our philosophy is to generate maximum confidence in our clients, and for this we contribute seriousness, sincerity and professionalism. For us, the attorney-client relationship is paramount.

We provide assistance in several languages ​​to ensure the defense of the rights of our clients. In addition to Spanish we can assist you in English, Italian and French.

If you need the assistance of a lawyer in Madrid, do not hesitate to contact our law firm. We are sure that we can help you.

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